Character Creation

The following rules will apply for everyone playing:

Every player will have 2 characters, as multiple games will be run at the same time, it is possible that one of your characters would will not be available for an adventure, even if you as a player are.

All characters will be starting at level 3.

Any official 5th edition wizards of the coast material can be used, this includes the following at the time of this writing:
- Player’s handbook
- Volo’s guide to monsters
- Sword coast adventures

Unearthed arcana can also be used from the following link:

If choosing an option from Unearthed Arcana, please get approval from a GM before hand.
NOTE: Character options on UA change regularly, please keep your character up to date, to ensure it meets the current revision should your character options eventually be published in a manual.

Standard point buy rules for attributes, you can use the following calculator:

All characters will begin with equipment provided by their class and background.

A back story is required for both of your characters, this doesn’t need to be detailed, point form will suffice.

Evil alignment is not permitted.

Should you need to worship a deity, as per a class requirement, or player preference, we will be using the Pantheon for Forgotten Realms.

Connection between other characters is suggested, but not required.

Character Creation

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